PWD Tenders

Tender No. Description of Work Publication Date(Website) Last Date of Selling District/PWD Div. Details
ee/pwd/manik-01/2020-21 Establishment of Colonel Malek Medical college & 500 Beded Hospital at Manikgonj. Sub -Head Construction of R C C Surface Drain . FY 2020-21. 22-07-2020 09-08-2020 Manikganj PWD Division, Manikganj
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e-GP Tender ID : 479380
KJ/D-1/C.W/2020-2021 Construction work of Semipaka Tin shade Building for 10 Nos capacity cleaning workers attached with west side boundary wall of Jail-2 inside Kashimpur Jail Campus in Gazipur District, during the… 26-07-2020 09-08-2020 Gazipur PWD Division, Gazipur
WD/SCA-SSCAP/03 Strengthening of Seed Certification Agencies Activities (Sub-head: Construction of Seed certification Office Building (One at Gazipur), during the year 2019-2020 13-07-2020 12-08-2020 Gazipur PWD Division, Gazipur
e Tender ID-479975 Construction of Boundary wall including RCC Retaining wall at the place of damaged brick Retaining wall at west side of Cox's Bazar District Jail. 24-07-2020 12-08-2020 Cox's Bazar PWD Division, Coxbazar
e Tender ID-479786 Supply and Installation of 3 nos. 1250 Kg Passenger cum Bed Lift and 1 no. 1000 Kg Passenger Lift at Cox's Bazar Development Authority office building under Construction of Multi-storied… 24-07-2020 12-08-2020 Cox's Bazar PWD Division, Coxbazar
cumilla jail pw 1 Construction of 3 nos 6 storied under trial and 1 nos 6 storied convicted prisoners barrack building with 6 storied foundation including site development under the project of Re-Construction of… 26-07-2020 12-08-2020 Cumilla PWD Division, Cumilla
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Tender ID No- 480656
e Tender ID-479976 Construction of 3 storied Prisoner's Barrack with 6 storied foundation at Cox's Bazar District Jail (Including Civil, Sanitary, Electrification & Ancillary Works). 24-07-2020 16-08-2020 Cox's Bazar PWD Division, Coxbazar
WD-15/Drain Establishment of Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College & Hospital, Gazipur (Sub-head: Re-connection work with Gazipur City corporation master drain and construction of underground RCC storm sewerage line) , during the… 27-07-2020 17-08-2020 Gazipur PWD Division, Gazipur
Cumilla PWD/Police revenue-2019-2020/160 Construction of 3rd floor to 6th floor of Police Officers Mess building having 10 Storied Foundation including Civil Sanitary Electrification internal rood boundary wall etc at Cumilla. 30-07-2020 17-08-2020 Cumilla PWD Division, Cumilla
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Tender ID No- 481910
KJ/D-2/Surjo/2020-2021 Vertical extension of 4 storied warden barrack building (Surjomukhe) with 5th storied foundation under Kashimpur Central Jail-1 in Gazipur District, during the year 2020-2021 04-08-2020 26-08-2020 Gazipur PWD Division, Gazipur
ee/pwd/manik-02/2020-21 Construction of 4-Storied Singair Thana Building with 6-storied foundation including civil, sanitary & electrical works, FY-2020-21 30-07-2020 31-08-2020 Manikganj PWD Division, Manikganj
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e-GP Tender ID : 480888
482087 Construction of Cancer Hospital Building 15 storied building with 17 storied foundation having two basement at Khulna Medical College Hospital Khulna 30-07-2020 02-09-2020 Khulna PWD Division-1, Khulna
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